Not that long ago, personalization meant sending someone a message with their name on it. Today, the tools for personalization are more powerful than ever before. You can leverage your toolset to bring your customers a truly individual experience. This should be considered a cornerstone or consumer marketing.

Providing Value Through Personalization

At one point, the main application of marketing personalization was primarily as a gimmick to attract people in. This lasted beyond basic customizations as mentioned above. However, today, there is a much deeper purpose to personalization. It allows brands to offer greater value to customers.

For example, you can offer your repeat customers product suggestions based on their past purchases. Even with new customers, you can leverage your demographic information to help offer them more tailored shopping experiences.

This can go beyond simple product recommendations as well. In fact, you can personalize your entire experience. If you have a travel brand, you can change your website to match the destinations and experiences the person is likely to want.

Building a Tailored Sales Funnel

You don’t have to tailor just to the individual. You can also tailor your experience to where that individual is in the sales funnel. Returning to the example of the travel brand, you may want to show aspirational images and slogans when the visitor is just learning about your business. However, as he or she starts to reach the point of making a decision, you can display more pricing information.

This can also be helpful for upselling. Provide an experience tailored to a recent buyer on your website to sell add-ons and provide extra value. If you can blend the sales funnel stage with personalization, you can drive serious sales.

Fostering More Engagement

Overall, personalizing experiences can help you to get your customers more engaged with your brand. Research suggests that engagement is one of the most significant factors in converting sales reliably and increasing customer lifetime value. So, by investing in engagement through personalization, you can drive bottom-line results.

Personalized calls to action can ensure that people will click your links more often. Tailored web experiences will bring visitors back. In short, the return on investment can be significant.

Get Started

Could your brand benefit from personalized consumer marketing? Get started employing this powerful technique today. Explore some of the ways that you can offer your audience more value through tailored experiences and content.