Stated Income Commercial Real Estate

All businesses need access to financing to grow and remain competitive in the marketplace. Many companies first look for traditional loan options, but stated income commercial real estate loans are great alternatives to other types of financing. You are free to use the money you receive from a stated income loan in any way so securing this avenue of financing is a great way to enrich your company. BT84 Commercial Capital offers this type of financing to businesses of all types.

How Is a Stated Income Loan Different From Other Types of Financing?

Traditional loans are often earmarked for certain purposes while the funds from a stated income loan can be used in any way. Stated income loans are also easier to qualify for because they are not approved based on credit history. Qualification for stated income loans is based on property value, so if your business owns a piece f real estate with a value that exceeds the cost of its expenses, it automatically qualifies for this avenue of financing. You can expect to receive money from a stated income loan quickly because this financial solution requires minimal paperwork and documentation.

Stated Income
Stated Income Real Estate

What Are the Benefits of Stated Income Loans?

With a stated income loan, you get to decide how to spend the money you receive. BT84 Commercial Capital also provides borrowers with credit scores of at least 600 with the following advantages.
  • 75% LTV for mixed-use properties
  • 70% LTV for investment and owner-occupied properties
  • 65% LTV for commercial properties
  • W-2 and self-employment documentation
  • 25-year terms with fixed rates
  • Loan amounts of up to $500,000

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A stated income commercial real estate loan for many companies because it allows you to grow your business however you deem fit. If you think this financial solution is right for your company, contact BT84 Commercial Capital today to see if you qualify.

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