Healthcare Financing

Running a medical practice requires reliable working capital. At BT84 Commercial Capital, we provide healthcare financing for community clinics offering veterinary, chiropractic and dental services. Here is a look at what you can do with our financing.

Finance Equipment Costs

To cover up to 50% of soft costs associated with equipment leasing, you need BT84 Commercial Capital’s financing. Purchasing expensive diagnostic and treatment equipment is often cost prohibitive, so try a lease or loan instead.

Acquire More Practices

Growing your client base is easily done by purchasing a competitor or buying out a partner. Earn up to 100% financing after you qualify.
Healthcare Financing
Medical Financing

Consolidate All Debts

Instead of balancing multiple interest rates across your other loans, use BT84 Commercial Capital’s financing to consolidate these payments into one bill. If you contact us today, you could be paying off your debts within the week.

Benefits of Our Financing

Your practice can use the funds we provide for a variety of business needs. Other perks to our program include:

  • Terms up to 72 months
  • Avoid personal credit bureau reporting
  • No required upfront payments

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To learn how healthcare financing can benefit your business, speak with one of our financial experts today. You can get all your questions answered and we can start you on an application right away.

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