Purchase Financing

Small business owners have unique needs and goals. But they rely on key relationships to help them succeed. Your suppliers are part of an essential network that keeps your business moving. BT84 Commercial Capital’s purchase order financing ensures that those suppliers are paid. Producers, wholesalers, distributors and resellers can maintain strong customer relationships and grow their businesses.

How Purchase Order Loans Work

Our purchase order loans are fast, simple and dependable solutions. We pay suppliers on your behalf, releasing finished goods and presold merchandise for shipment. After your customers receive their orders, we collect payment from them. You receive payment after we’ve deducted our fees. Qualifying borrowers enjoy several advantages:

  • On-time deliveries to your customers 
  • Potential market share growth 
  • Ability to fill large and unexpected orders 
  • No additional bank debt 
  • No equity sacrifices 

Purchase order loans can help many types of businesses. They’re especially useful for startups and companies with cash flow challenges.

Purchase Order Financing

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Whether you’re in domestic production, imports or exports, our purchase order financing keeps your business on track. We offer many more commercial finance products that can help small companies grow and succeed. Our certified financial specialists can answer your questions, recommend solutions and help you apply for financing. Get started by contacting BT84 Commercial Capital today.

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