Are you one of those that would love to get more done every day, but you already do so much, the thought of doing more triggers your anxiety? how can you get more done without getting caught up in the daily “urgent” meetings, emails, etc? There are 3 things you can do to avoid burnout. We will go over these below:

Learn to Say No

This is one of the most important ways you can improve your productivity without getting burnt out. Before you start checking things off your list, make sure that you are focused on what is important.

When you have a new contact with a prospect in your business, it’s easy to want to put your effort into pleasing them. However, before you do that, ask yourself if they fit with your vision. Just because they reach out to you does not mean that you have to say yes.

If they do not fit with your vision, politely say no. Your default answer needs to be no. Start by saying no and then evaluate how their request matches your vision. If you find that it does align with yours, you can change that no into a yes.

Learn to Delegate

While your default answer should always be no, there are going to be some things you simply can’t say no to. For example, taxes. This is not a task that most people enjoy or are good at but it’s something that has to be done. Things like this can be delegated to someone that gets paid to do it.

If you have a weekly email you send out, have someone else take care of getting it set up in your system. You can then focus on what matters- the content you are sending out in your email.

If there are repetitive tasks that you have to take care of, have someone else do them for you so that you can focus on what matters.

Automate Where You Can

Automation is closely related to delegation. Some people believe that you should consider automation before the delegation. After all, if you can automate it, you don’t have to delegate it.

Think about the tasks on your to-do list that can be automated. For example, do you send the same basic email when you start working with a client? Then, type it up and save it so that you never have to write it from scratch again.


We all stay so busy and we’re always adding new things to our do to list. It is easy to get burnt out. However, if you implement these three solutions, it can help save you time and sanity. Additionally, contact BT84 Commercial Capital & Business Solutions to learn more about how to avoid burnout.