Even if your company has already taken the step of opening several social media profiles, without regular posts and targeted, strategic usage, you might not see the marketing results from them that you want. Social channels have become an increasingly popular platform for many demographics over the past several years, and today, an active presence on socials is essential to most companies’ marketing success. Figuring out exactly how to make the most of your profiles, attract views and drive follower engagement, however, is another story. Though your business might not have much media experience, you can still make the most of your accounts by using some of these strategies.

Tailor Each Post Specifically to Your Target Demographic

Rather than putting out generic posts to try to appeal to the broadest audience possible, you may find more success in tailoring posts to your target demographic. For instance, you may want to include large text for an older demographic, or more animations and color for a younger demographic.

Vary How Often You Post Based on the Site

If you are currently taking a one-size-fits-all approach to social posts regardless of the platform, you could actually be hurting your potential results and weakening your brand. Though it adds another layer of complexity to your media strategy, you may want to vary how often you post content depending on the site, since each platform has its own algorithms and content preferences. For example, on Instagram or Facebook, one to two posts per day may be enough to keep up. On Pinterest, though, you may have to post a dozen times a day to retain interest.

Gauge What Your Followers Respond To Based on Engagement

Once you’ve taken steps to maximize your efforts, you don’t want to be left guessing at whether your strategy was effective. Instead, take a more quantitative approach to determining what sort of content your followers respond best to by measuring engagement. Generally defined as active involvement with a post, like leaving a comment or sharing the post as opposed to simply scrolling past it, engagement can help you zero in on what worked and what didn’t.

Today, social media has become such a popular platform that simply having a company account and updating it once in a while is not enough. In order to attract more potential customers, drive engagement, strengthen your brand and achieve your marketing goals, your company will have to implement some targeted strategies. With these ideas, you can make the most of your current accounts and grow your online popularity more than ever.