A run-down team can be detrimental to your business. So when your employees are feeling the pressure, there are some things you can do for them that will leave them refreshed and ready to tackle whatever lies ahead. Here are some tips for increasing the business productivity of teams.

Limit Task Times

Tasks that feel like they are never-ending will only add to the burnout your employees feel. One effective way around this is to limit the amount of time spent on each task. You may need to experiment until you find the amount of time that works best for your team. 

Schedule Breaks 

One of the biggest mistakes employers can make is not allowing employees scheduled break times. When teams are tackling long, elaborate tasks, scheduled breaks give everyone a chance to pause for a few moments. These pauses in the day can help refresh employees both physically and mentally. Failure to take breaks results in less creative and innovative thinking. 

Set Your Own Deadlines

While working under someone else’s deadlines can be stressful, when you set them yourself it can be advantageous. You’ll feel less pressure to finish quickly, which will free up your mind so that you can produce and implement the best possible ideas. The increased focus you will get from setting your own deadlines may even help the work get finished sooner than it would otherwise. 

Two Minute Rule

Not everyone has heard of the two-minute rule, but some people swear by it. This rule states that if you have two minutes of free time and an activity that can be done that fast needs to be done, complete it. Most of the time the task is done before the two minutes are up, leaving you more time to concentrate on other priorities. 

 Skip Unnecessary Meetings

Unnecessary meetings are notorious for taking time out of a business professional’s day. You can increase business productivity by only having meetings when they are absolutely necessary. Many issues can be dealt with in more convenient ways, including emails and conference calls.

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