Whether your company just opened an account today or you’ve been running your page for years, there’s no denying that Instagram is one of the most popular social media sites today. You already know that marketing success could hinge on standing out in this sea of photo-based content, but might not know where to tweak your strategy. Luckily, there are a few strategic ways to use the platform to your company’s benefit.

It’s All About Those Very First Impressions

Anyone working with Instagram for a significant period of time is bound to come across the idea of an impression. Impressions are essentially how many times your content has been shown to the app’s base of users. If you have poor impressions numbers, it may not be relevant how high-quality or well-developed your content is – you still won’t be able to clinch the clicks you’re hoping for. Focus more on “first impressions”: both making your content highly clickable and appealing to a wide audience, but also getting it out there to ensure enough views in the first place.

Make Sure Your Product Lends Itself to the Visual Medium

Now may be the time to rethink your social media strategy and figure out how well your product really lends itself to the visual medium. This app is a highly visual one that relies primarily on images to attract and keep followers, so if your product simply isn’t very aesthetically appealing, or isn’t something that translates well to this format, you may struggle to find your base here no matter how crafty your strategy is otherwise. It may be fruitful to go over your social media possibilities and figure out whether a photo-based, video-based or text-based approach would best suit your company.

Focus More on Driving Up Follower Engagement

Without engagement, you run the risk of followers simply scrolling past your page. Engagement is measured in the number of comments users leave, how often a post is loved and so on. To drive up engagement, try to make your posts a bit more interactive. You can ask questions of your followers in the captions and ask them to post responses in the comments, for example, or you can post quick surveys as a promotional strategy.

Instagram is not only a highly popular app today, but an incredibly effective marketing tool – if you know the ins and outs of standing out. If you’ve been trying to get your page off the ground and it hasn’t been happening yet, you may want to review this advice and see whether there are some places you can tweak your strategy to achieve maximum effect.