Private Equity and Joint Venture Financing

Companies around the world rely on private equity financing for many important reasons. These programs help organizations remain competitive in a marketplace that demands a dynamic approach to economic problem solving. This is something that BT84 Commercial Capital excels at. The private equity and joint venture capital programs that we have developed are perfect for companies looking to expand their operations in very particular ways. We have helped many organizations develop new technology, cultivate working capital, and make advantageous acquisitions. We can help you, too.

An Investment That Is Just Right

Determining the best investment opportunity takes considerable insight and industry experience. Our team has evaluated many potential investments for our clients and we know the hallmarks of a strong opportunity. Even in the uncertain world of investing, we can take the guesswork out of selecting a path of action and give you the advantage in this important decision. We look for many positive qualities in a potential investment, including:

  • A strong, dynamic leadership team already in place
  • An exit strategy that is up to date and clearly defined
  • The ability to generate value
  • The ability to generate cash
  • Clear potential for future growth

The investment mandates we offer include growth capital, divestitures, recapitalizations, and management buyouts.

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